Your donation to Pure Support enables us to drive positive change and provide essential support to a wide range of individuals, including peer supporters, healthcare providers, and professionals. By contributing to our cause, you are helping us continue and expand our efforts in the following impactful ways:

Advocacy for the Support Workforce: We are dedicated to advocating for fair compensation, improved working conditions, and professional recognition for the entire support workforce. Your donation empowers us to amplify their voices, champion their rights, and ensure they receive the support they deserve.

Workshop and Program Development: With your support, we can develop and deliver transformative workshops, training programs, and educational materials. These initiatives empower peer supporters, healthcare providers, and professionals alike with the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

Expansion of Support Initiatives: Your generosity helps us expand our support initiatives, reaching more individuals in need. This includes developing innovative programs, organizing events, and providing resources that foster a supportive environment for all members of the support workforce and the communities they serve.

Research and Resource Creation: Your donation contributes to our research efforts, enabling us to gather valuable insights, develop evidence-based practices, and create resources that enhance the effectiveness of support services. These resources benefit not only peer supporters but also other professionals involved in providing support and care.

Advocacy for Policy Change: We advocate for policy changes that recognize the critical role of support workers across the healthcare and wellness spectrum. Your contribution strengthens our advocacy efforts, allowing us to influence policy decisions and drive systemic change that benefits all individuals involved in support work.


Your donations are allocated in the following ways:

Advocacy Initiatives: Funds are utilized to support our advocacy campaigns, including lobbying, awareness campaigns, and legal representation. These efforts aim to create a fair and supportive environment for the entire support workforce.

Workshop and Training Development: Your donation helps us design, organize, and deliver workshops, training programs, and educational materials that empower support workers from various professional backgrounds.

Resource Creation: We allocate funds to develop educational resources, research publications, and tools that enhance the skills and knowledge of support workers, benefitting both peers and professionals.

Program Expansion: Your support allows us to expand our supportive initiatives, including outreach programs, community events, and support networks, reaching a diverse range of individuals in need.

By donating to Pure Support, you contribute to the growth and impact of our advocacy efforts, workshop development, training and education materials, and other vital supports for the entire support workforce.

THANK YOU! We greatly appreciate the generosity of all our donors. If you are unable to donate at this time, we encourage you to help us by spreading the word about our organization and the meaningful work we do. Together, we can create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all individuals involved in providing care and support.